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Welcome to Wood’s Locksmith, LLC


We now make high security keys, vehicle keys and laser cut keys at our new location and as always we are a 100% mobile unit.

We now service Tidel Safes, we are Certified Tidel Safe technicians.

Who could have keys to your new home? Painters, carpenters, cleanup crews, neighbors or their kids? A top priority for a new homeowner should be to rekey their new home. If you have three locks on your new home you should have received 6 keys at closing. They come two per box. If you do not, someone has a key to your new home, or potentially could have made a copy.

We offer a professional locksmith service. Using new and old methods, we open, service, cut keys and repair locks both in our workshop and we visit your site. We have many year of experience in lock repairs and making keys to locks. Our locksmiths are experienced in all types of lock work, using modern and traditional methods passed down from generations. We are able to supply and fit all types of locks for all types of doors, windows, cars, garages and cabinets successfully. At the same time making sure that the locks we fit always conform to the very latest US Standards.

We are qualified mobile unit locksmith and can provide you with an appointment. Please call us 607-731-8382 for any of your lock and/or security needs.


The Baldomeric Oath – The Locksmith

Saint Baldomerus is the patron saint of locksmiths. He worked as a locksmith in Lyon, France and died c. 650 A.D. This oath, or code of ethics, is patterned after the Hippocratic Oath of the medical profession.

I do solemnly vow, to that which I value and hold most dear:

That I will honor the Profession of Locksmithing, be just and generous to its members, and help sustain them in their service to humanity;

That just as I have learned from those who preceded me, I will instruct those who follow me in the science and the art of Locksmithing;

That I will recognize the limits of my knowledge and pursue lifelong learning to better protect people and secure their property;

That I will seek the counsel of others when they are more expert so as to fulfill my obligation to those who entrust me with their safety and security;

That I will not withdraw from my customers in their time of need;

That I will lead my life and practice my art with integrity and honor, using my knowledge and ability wisely;

That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of my customers that is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep in confidence;

That I will disclose, to all whom I serve, what they must know to maintain their security, and the means necessary to maintain that security;

That into whatever home or business I shall enter, it shall be for the safety and protection of the people and property therein;

That I will maintain this sacred trust, holding myself far aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice;

That above all else I will serve the highest interests of my customers through the practice of my science and my art;

That I will be an advocate for people in need and strive for equality in their security;

That while I apply my craft for the benefit of my customers in particular, I will always apply discretion in preserving the security of each and every member of the public in general;

I now turn to my calling, promising to preserve its finest traditions, with the reward of a long experience in the joy of providing protection, safety, and security.

I make this vow freely and upon my honor.